Our Educators Guide explores:

  • The history and legacy of Gabriel Dumont, beginning with his role in the 1885 Métis uprising, then extending beyond his military career to gain a fuller understanding of Gabriel Dumont;
  • The history and culture of the Métis, with a focus on the places they lived and travelled;
  • The complexity of Métis identity through both the story of Dumont as well as Trevor’s own journey and personal reflections.

Shadow of Dumont Educational Streaming License available in Canada!

Licensed for unlimited educational and institutional use for a 1, 3 or 10 year period. Includes a non-theatrical on-site public performance license.

Métis pride, a window into a lesser-known history, and a comedic road trip. Shadow of Dumont is Edutainment at it’s best!

In Shadow of Dumont Trevor Cameron takes a comedic journey into the historic migration of Métis people through the story of his great-great-uncle Gabriel Dumont’s travels throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Dakota and Montana, and touches upon contemporary migration through the journey of Trevor’s family from Saskatchewan to BC, followed by his own move to Toronto.

Our study guide will engage viewers and communities to learn more about Gabriel Dumont and Métis people, particularly during anniversaries and events such as the Battle of Batoche, Indigenous History Month, Indigenous Peoples Day, and Back to Batoche Days among others. 

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